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The fast and platform crossing integration of sicony software enables many applications within almost all industrial productions


Flexible and versatile work instructions as a success factor for your company within the context of digitalisation.

Training on the job

Maximize your efficiency of coaching and teaching activities for your employees.

Mobile how-to

Provide mobile manuals on your products and boost the benefits for your customers.

 sicony platform

sicony platform

The digital assistance and information platform sicony uses the superiority of imagery over written language. The graphic based manual enables the user to implement work instructions more intuitive, faster and with that more efficient than by using written manuals.

sicony provides solutions that encourage a consistent understanding. Only use one work instruction for every production process - flexible and across all sites. Thereby you will save huge costs for translations of your work instructions into the languages of your production sites.

sicony provides a platform-independent application for the integration in every operating system an almost all kinds of terminal devices. This enables the smooth use within stationary and mobile applications.

The sicony platform presents and manages the use of work instructions and can be connected and used with your existing IT infrastructure. In addition, we offer the possibility to create and implement an individual concept for your entry into the digitalisation.

Due to the open structure of sicony software Big Data becomes Smart Data. Additional intelligent algorithms help to playfully manage your work instructions. The connection of the sicony modules enables the user-friendly creation, management and use of your work instructions – without the need of any programming skills.

Our interfaces to Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) may optimise your entire data management along the value chain avoiding the loss of efficiency and media disruptions within the document composition.

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  • Sicony for young engineers

    Today, sicony welcomed some junior engineers from the Technical University of Munich. The young talents got insights into the state of the art assembly guidance. Futhermore, the Sicony team showed how to connect Sicony’s Smart Platform with modalities like RFID sensors, pick-to-light solutions or electric drills.

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    Hannover Messe 2016

    From 25 to 29 April, we took part in the Hannover Messe 2016 exhibiting its concepts. At the stand of Fraunhofer Gesellschaft we had the opportunity to present our latest software solution sicony to the public. Besides a lot of interested company representatives, we also received positive feedback from the president of the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft Prof. […]

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